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We have Innovative Solutions

In today’s world where there are various land issues and fast moving life, government find it difficult to organise the solid waste produce by urban area & rural areas which is directly affecting  various health issues because of it.  

A company originated with an ideology of “Compost Revolution “and As a Proudly supporting “Make in India” Initiative.  We have developed KOMPOSTMAN™ i.e. Fully Automatic organic waste converter machine which is with build quality which is the best in industry and aim to provide such standard with optimized economical solution. Oxycare India has come with the idea to support & reduce the kind of solid waste management problem by its organic waste composting machine.


KOMPOSTMAN™ is fully automatic composting machine / Organic Waste Converter & Semi-Automatic Composting Machine are the best solution of converting waste to compost. This machine also known as waste to compost machine. Waste can be various type of Organic bio degradable waste. Our machine has gone through high standard & Procedure which produces high quality Compost output.KOMPOSTMAN™ Comes in various size of waste to compost machine capacity which start from 25kg to 2500 kg per day waste processing limit with minimum processing time of 24 hrs to 36 hours for Fully automatic composting process.


Oxycare India Parking System has designing customized parking solution for different types of parking system or hydraulic car lift across India. An ideology of smart cities we will definitely face parking problem in various places like societies, Offices , hotels , malls so we will provide them right solution with right car parking system.


Oxycare India is young organization with more than 10 year expertizes management in Designing, Manufacturing & Automation. Our Expertise in customized design for parking system which is best solution to hassle free parking or car lift.

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