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Fully Automatic Composting Machine

Organic Waste Converter

KOMPOSTMAN™ is the most advanced solution for managing Organic Wet Waste economically & effectively. With KOMPOSTMAN™, now manage your waste efficiently and economically through environmentally conscious process. Convert Wet Waste into Compost with the help of our Fully Automatic Composting Machines.

Manage your waste efficiently with KOMPOSTMAN™


How Fully Automatic Kompostman Works?
Domestic Waste Bin
Black Soil
Growing Tomato Plants
  • Organic waste need to segregate before putting into organic waste machine. No plastic, no metal, no glass is permitted in waste to compost machine.

  •  Organic waste after Segregation needs to put in Organic waste shredder which converts food waste to small particle because shredded material easily get process with help of microorganism.

  • Water Dewatering: As Per Customer need we can also provide a Dewatering unit that removes excess water from shredded waste material which helps to reduce weight and less time to process. Speed up the process.

  • Organic Waste converter has designed with AIRO/ BIO filtration which helps to keep sufficient Oxygen into the process tank and it removes unwanted odor gases through blower.

  • During this process in Organic waste converter machine mixing blades keep mixing waste continuously to maintain its throughout uniformity.

  • Organic Waste Converter machine has heating and intelligent temperature controlling system processes on waste material with a well-calculated running cycle, and process the finest quality of Organic Compost.

  • Organic waste compost machine output with 10% to 15 % of actual loaded organic waste.


No need to add any microorganism or Saw Dust for composng hence Less consumable cost


Processes all types of organic waste like Fruits, Vegetables, Food and Garden Waste


Compost removal fully Automatic and when required 


Standard operating temperature between 45-55 centigrade 


Makes waste management at the your Place


Noiseless, Less odor and maintenance-free


Available from 25kg/day to 5 tons/day


Fully automatic and compact in size


No harmful gases and pathogens




High Quality                


Intelligent Control


Scratch - proof Body




Over load protection


Proxy Sensors      

  • Our waste to Automated Composting machine/ compost machine are capable of processing organic solid waste management of various range with no need of any micro-organism or no need of any additive  saw dust so consumable cost reduces.

  • Food waste Composting machines are developed in such manner that machine has less noise and less odour.

  • Organic waste Composting machine has provision of automatic Compost removal when process is over.

  • Organic waste Converter machine never produce any harmful gases no pathogens.

  • Kitchen waste composting machine process various type of organic waste like vegetables waste, fruits waste, leftover meal, garden waste, bakery food etc.  This is also known as Kitchen waste composting machine.

  • Organic waste Compost machine specially controlled system maintain the healthy temperature in process area which help to produce waste to compost with high quality output.

  • Organic Waste converter has SS304 or Scratch proof body to avoid unwanted wear and tear for longer life.

  • Organic waste converter is capable of high voltage and high current protection with help of branded switchgear.

  • Organic waste Converter do consider human safety first so all machine has door safety protector with sensor & emergency interlock. It Avoid unwanted human interference during operation.

  • Organic waste Composting machine can be move anywhere as per client need so place is no issue for it to operate.

  • Automatic Organic waste converter machine comes with digital touch screen display & indicators where user can troubleshoot or monitor operation condition and its parameter.

  • Organic waste compost machine is optimized perfectly so consumed less Power to operate hence less electricity bill.

Kompostman Strength & Safety
  • High quality SS 304 composting tanks makes it durable Superior shaft & blades

  • Powder coated scratch-proof (Options available in SS 202/ SS 304/ SS316) 

  • Over load protection with switch gear 

  • Intelligent control with PLC & HMI

  • Indicators of each mode of operations

  • Proxy sensor for human safety and machine durability

Environment Friendly
  • Composting Process is Part of Compost Revolution 

  • Saves collection / transportation and disposal costs of Organic Waste 

  •  Inspiration to Green Cities help to Preserve land fill Reduces soil & water pollution 


Residential / Commercial

Educational Institutions

Hotels / Hospital / Malls

Places of Worship

Government Organisation

Industrial Canteens

Munciple Corporation

Agricultural Markets

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