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Automatic Parking Systems

Oxycare India Parking system has precision design parking system which help for proper arrangement of various types of car through different style car Parking. 

Cart Parking

Alley Parking

Stack Parking System

Stack system is ideal for small residential & commercial projects, where the available height is less, and column to column distance is less. This works when there’s one car or more cars in the pit. If there’s adequate height, we can have the system operate individually.

Type : Two Level Stack and Three Level Stack

Key Advantages :

 Customized Solution as per space 

 Easy Operating and Maintenance 

STack Parking.png
Puzzle Parking System

Puzzle Parking, is a fully automated system featuring combination pallets that enable horizontal and vertical movement of parking spots just like a puzzle to park and retrieve cars.

Key Advantages - 

Multiple Entry Point

Less Operating and Maintenance 

Product mix 2 to 6 Level

Tower Parking System

Tower Parking, an elevator parking system with vertical allocation of parking rooms and vertical movement of lifts, is ideal to maximize parking in narrow plots. In a space required only for 3 parking spots, it can increase the capacity by up to 20 times.

Key Advantages - 

Customized Tower System Solution 

 Less Space Required 

Ease of Maintenance and Operation

Fully Automatic Computerized Control 


Residential / Commercial

Educational Institutions

Hotels / Hospital / Malls

Places of Worship

Government Organisation

Industrial Canteens

Munciple Corporation

Agricultural Markets

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